Chef Joe Docherty Q&A

The Man Behind The Menu

Mulberry Inn Chef Joe DochertyFood at The Mulberry Inn is food prepared with passion. Head chef Joe Docherty and his brigade believe in fresh, locally sourced ingredients, carefully crafting melt-in-your-mouth seasonal dishes. But find out what motivates the man behind the menu in our quick-fire Q&A:

Where have you worked before The Mulberry Inn?

Well, I had my own catering company, which worked with a few a venues. I also produced ‘jus’ to sell to other caterers and venues including an American inspired smoke house. Before that I worked in a London wedding venue alongside producing fine dining lunches for CEO’s in the city.

What tickles your tastebuds?

I always have to push the boundaries within myself to be moving forward, always trying to improve what I do. Otherwise I’d find it all too “run of the mill”…

What is your foodie guilty pleasure?

Sorry, but I’ve got to say its a pizza delivery (hangs head in shame) with my wife and 2 daughters whilst watching a film.

What would be your desert island dish?

I love strong bold flavours! So one cut of meat I love is ox cheek. This is one of the best ways to have it; Ox cheek and stilton crumble, red cabbage marmalade, potato gratin, jus.

What has been your worst kitchen disaster?

Never had one! No I’ve had plenty, I suppose not putting eggs in a carrot cake was a bit of a balls up or cutting through a tendon in my hand on a hog roast machine…

Best piece of advice you would give a home cooking enthusiast?

Cooking is trial and error. Do not be afraid of making mistakes! It’s how we all learn and unless it’s baking don’t worry about following a recipe to the letter, add your own spin on it.

Do you have a favourite wine?

I am no expert but I do like big fruity reds and had some great ones from South Africa.

When you were growing up did you eat all your veggies?

I was quite good at eating my veggies – I always loved Brussels, broccoli, cauliflower but never liked peas much.

Ice Cream at The Mulberry InnWhat is your favourite ice cream flavour?

One of the best ice creams I had was a few years ago at a restaurant in Godalming. It was their homemade espresso ice cream and I loved it so much Valentino the head chef let me leave with a 2 litre tub!

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?

It would have to my nan and nandad (as he liked to be called) as i never had the chance to cook for them.

What is your favourite season and why?

I am fan of all the colder months, not a fan of the heat! So I guess this is why Autumn is my favourite season. I love all the amber reds and yellows, the drop in temperature and all the produce becoming available suits the cosy bold flavours I like to cook with. Mussels are back in season and the shooting season starts. It’s just a very exciting time of the year for a chef.

And finally…

Cake or pie?

Always pie!!!

Why not come and try for yourself? 

Book a table for lunch or dinner – You can get in touch with us at The Mulberry Inn in a few different ways, we love to talk so call us on: 01428 644460. Alternatively you can email, or use the contact form here.

If you haven’t been – come. If you’ve been – we can’t wait to see you again!